Dhoon School

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Outdoor Learning

Surrounded by gorgeous Manx countryside, an outdoor classroom gives Dhoon School a wonderful opportunity to access the countryside much more regularly and meaningfully as part of our learning.

By including big planters for Manx flowers, bird tables and a whole array of other resources to help the children learn about the Manx countryside and outdoor science, this project provides lots of educational opportunities, such as:

  • Enabling children to learn about the Manx countryside – within the Manx countryside
  • Growing, caring for, learning about and maintaining Manx wildlife, flowers and plants
  • Mini-beast trials and hunts
  • Bird tables and learning about birdlife
  • Rural science and associated science and geography work

Community Use

In addition to making full use of the outdoor learning area as part and parcel of lessons for the pupils, the school envisages allowing it to be used by all members of the Manx community at weekends and other out-of-school hours. Dhoon School is one of only 149 “Centres of Excellence” for inclusion in the UK, and the community-use aspect of the project is in keeping with the school’s “inclusive” ethos. Examples include:

  • Groups of people might need a base for a walk
  • Providing a stop off point during a countryside hike
  • Using the outdoor classroom with adult community groups

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