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Home Learning

At Dhoon School we believe that homework is an essential part of a childʼs school life and forms a crucial link between home and school. Homework is an extension of school and is used to support what happens in the classroom. We use ʻLearning Logsʼ from Reception to Year 6, along with other additional key skills, again from Reception to Year 6.

Homework is set fortnightly, on a Friday, with children having the first weekend, the following week and the following weekend to complete it. Homework is always due the second Monday after it has been set.

It is important that home learning does not become onerous or take up too much of a childʼs leisure time. If parents find that children are spending far more than the recommended times or that tasks are too difficult for their child/ren, they must discuss this with the class teacher as quickly as possible. Equally, teachers would value hearing about activities done at home which were greatly enjoyed or helped children to achieve success. We are really passionate when we say that reading at home is essential, so please set time aside to read with your child, particularly when they are in KS1 or reception classes.

For more information, please see the Leaflet below.

Home Learning Leaflet

Home Learning policy