Dhoon School

Collaboration, Determination, Independence, Curiosity, Creativity

High Five

At the heart of our curriculum is a firm belief in promoting the values, dispositions and skills outlined by our 'Dhoon Five': a set of five qualities which we develop in all our pupils and which we believe will serve them very well as they continue their learning journey.

Those qualities are: Collaboration, Determination, Independence, Curiosity, Creativity.

This curriculum allows us to provide excellent learning opportunities for children to fulfil the outcomes from the DESC’s Essentials for Learning (E4L) curriculum which can be viewed on the DESC website.

Our Curriculum

At Dhoon School, we are committed to providing a rich, varied and exciting curriculum for all of our pupils. We offer a wide range of opportunities for children to learn in different ways, catering for a range of learning styles. This means that our pupils learn to work both independently and collaboratively, developing an understanding of themselves as learners and recognising the ways in which they learn most effectively.

Our curriculum is creative and innovative, with our team of talented staff able to deliver high quality teaching and learning through cross-curricular, theme based activities; an approach that our pupils find engaging and inspiring, thanks to the variety and range of different activities on offer, and which allows them to make connections between the different areas of learning.

Our curriculum also includes a commitment to helping our pupils learn to learn; we believe that children should develop an understanding of how they learn most effectively, reflect on their own progress and be involved in identifying their own ‘next steps’, thus developing the skills to be a successful learner for life.