Dhoon School

Collaboration, Determination, Independence, Curiosity, Creativity

All children living in the catchment area can come to Dhoon School.

Any families moving out of the area may keep their children here or they may transfer them to the school which serves the area they have moved to. Under the “sibling rule” any younger brothers or sisters can be enrolled at Dhoon School even if you are living outside the area, provided that you have at least one child at the school.

Children who will be five between September 1st and August 31st of the following year (inclusive) should start in Reception at the beginning of the Autumn Term. The children start full time in September.

The induction programme for all reception children and their parents takes place in the Summer Term prior to starting school. Children will have an opportunity to visit school and there is a parents’ welcome evening.

Secondary schools now have a catchment area. Dhoon children can transfer to Ramsey Grammar School as long as they reside in the Dhoon School catchment area.

Dhoon Admissions Form