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Dhoon School is committed to keeping parents informed and up to date, and part of our communication strategy involves broadcasting live webinar events. We believe webinars allow parents greater opportunity to attend live meetings as they can access them from the convenience of their own home, interact live with the panelists, and re-watch the broadcasts in their own time to revisit key messages.

An archive of previous live webinars will be available to access from this page.

Briefing for Parents re 2024 Shropshire Trip 15.04.24

Briefing for New Starters 2023 26.06.23

Briefing for Parents re 2023 Shropshire Trip 24.04.23

Briefing for New Starters 2022 28.06.22

Briefing for Parents re 2022 Venture Centre Trip 03.05.22

Briefing for New Starters 2021 30.06.21

Briefing for Parents re 2021 Venture Centre Trip 10.05.21

Briefing for Parents re Lockdown 2021 and our Remote Learning Plan 06.01.21

Briefing for Parents re Live Lesson Test Events 01.12.2020

Briefing for Parents re Remote Learning Contingency Plans 22.10.2020

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Video Messages

In an attempt to keep a high visibility during lockdown and school closure (between March 2020 and May 2020), Executive Headteacher Maxim Kelly maintained regular contact with the Dhoon School community through a series of video messages, or VLOGs. This method and approach to communication was very…

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