Dhoon School

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At Dhoon School, hot, healthy lunches can be provided. A copy of the school dinner menu is always displayed on the parents’ notice boards. Cheques for school meals should be made payable to ‘Isle of Man Government’. If you prefer, your child can bring a packed lunch in a suitable lunch box which should be clearly named. The lunchbox should not contain any glass items or fizzy drinks. We aim for Dhoon School to be a healthy school.

A week’s notice is required should you wish your child to change from school dinners to packed lunch or vice versa.

During the lunchtime break, supervision is provided by lunchtime ancillary staff, who support the children in the dining rooms and the playgrounds until the start of afternoon school. On wet days children are supervised in their classrooms during lunch break, once they have finished eating in the hall.

Further information:

Isle of Man Government - School Meals Information Page

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Snacks and Drinks

Children can bring in a snack to eat at play times. We encourage the children to drink water as sugary juice can cause tooth decay. Please provide your child with a named water bottle which they can refill whenever they need to. We provide refillable water-bottles for sale at the school office.